Blue Pumpkin Productions


Blue Pumpkin Productions was established in 1999 by Marc P. and Susan L. Smith to engage in a variety of entertainment-related projects. Since 2002, a primary creative mission for Marc and Susan was reconciliation between Germans, Jews, and Poles, and transmission of memory via the arts.

Under the over-all title, The Kreisau Project, this creative effort has at its core two plays written by Marc, A Journey to Kreisau and Karski, compelling and powerful stories of individual courage, both of which have been performed on stages in U.S. cities, and in cities in Germany and Poland.

Though Blue Pumpkin Productions is no longer an active company, The Kreisau Project is very much a productive entity.

We welcome your visit to the new website: where you are welcome to spend some time visiting and to share your comments on the project.